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Got Ground Hog Problems?

Did you know the easiest way to get ground hogs to leave your yard is to put a child's pinwheel or several pinwheels in your yard? Ground Hogs do not see very well so their sense of movement is heightened to detect predators. The pinwheel is close to the ground, on the ground hogs level. Pinwheels make ground hogs nervous because they have to constantly make sure the pinwheel is not a predator. The ground hogs don't want to be nervous all the time so they will move on!  

We had a customer who had ground hog problems for 25 years. We told her about the pinwheels. She placed them in her yard and the ground hogs all moved within 48 hours and haven't been back. She couldn't believe it after 25 years!

You can find pinwheels at the local dollar store or any toy store.
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