Fairy Tale Ending!
Thank you Emmy 
In early April 2012, Tyler went on a call to evict wildlife living in a woman's chimney.  The woman had explained that she heard something crying in the chimney but could not tell what it was because she could not see in the chimney. The chimney was attached to a wood burning stove with just a pipe.  She took out the pipe but was unable to see what was in the chimney through the small hole.  Tyler arrived to hear the crying and identify it as a baby raccoon.  The only way he could get the baby out was to take out a brick from the fireplace.  It required a chisel and a hammer.  The woman wanted to save the baby so Tyler chipped away to get the brick out.  He reached into the chimney and pulled out a young, eyes still closed, female baby raccoon.  Something had happened to her tail, there was only a small piece of her tail left.  She was cold and thin.  Either her mother was killed or left her.  Tyler immediately put the baby on a heating pad to get her warm.  He then began the task of finding a wildlife rehabber to take her.  

He found a rehabber and she told him to bring her over.  When Tyler arrived, the rehabber told him that she wanted to see if a wild raccoon would take the baby as her own.  She proceeded to tell a story about a raccoon named Emmy that she had rehabbed and released 10 years earlier.  She said Emmy lived in a sleeping box in her yard and recently, a male raccoon came along and killed three of Emmy's four babies.  The rehabber got a baby in that was the same size as Emmy's baby so she had an idea, she would see if Emmy would take the baby and raise it as her own.  She offered Emmy the baby and Emmy immediately took the baby into her sleeping box and began to clean it. REMARKABLE!  So, the rehabber took one look at the raccoon baby that Tyler had and said, she is a little bigger than Emmy's babies but let's try it.  So, we went to Emmy's sleeping box.  The rehabber opened the flap on the front of the sleeping box and called Emmy to the front.  Emmy came to the front of the sleeping box.  The rehabber held the baby out in her hands and just simply said, "Do you want her?" to Emmy.  Emmy took her two arms, held them out flat with palms up and the rehabber placed the baby in her arms.  Emmy curled her arms up around the baby and took her to the back of her sleeping box and proceeded to clean her.  The rehabber told Tyler that the cleaning meant she was going to care for it.  Emmy is going to raise the baby raccoon as if it were her own.  In the picture above you see Emmy carefully caring for her three babies.  The largest baby in the picture, the baby nearest to the camera is the baby Tyler gave Emmy.  

The rehabber sent this picture out to all her friends and the rehabbers in the area on Mothers Day with a caption of Happy Mothers Day!  What a great mother you are Emmy!  Thanks for the fairy-tale ending!