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Squirrel Damage
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How to Get Rid of Skunks
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Raccoon Removal
Raccoon Trapping
Eliminating Squirrel Problems
Squirrel Control
Squirrel in Your Attic
Raccoons in the Chimney

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, LLC is a commercial wildlife management company.  We are experts in solving wildlife pest
problems without killing.  We don't believe you have to kill animals to solve problems.  We get rid of animal problems using humane
techniques perfected over 20 years. If you need squirrel removal, bat removal, or even raccoon removal, we are the company that
solves your pest problems effectively, efficiently, and safely. 

As a humane wild animal control company, Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, LLC uses advanced techniques and humane methods of animal control.  Call today for eviction and exclusion services!

They may be a pest to you, but they are also living creatures which is why they deserve the most humane treatment possible.  At Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, LLC, we utilize humane techniques so that we may evict the critter from your home, unlike many animal control service agencies, we do not destroy the animal.  We return it to its natural habitat outside your home.  We also go as far as reuniting the baby animals with their mother - check out our project photos for recent successes.

Call today with your wildlife problem and let us secure your property as well as the safety of the animal.  

Wildlife conservation is something we are very passionate about.  With years of experience in wildlife rehabiliation, participation in rehabilitation efforts in Africa and a simple love of all creatures, our services offer the perfect balance of wildlife control and conservation when it encroaches on residential areas. 

In Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington DC we help residents and businesses evict wildlife and then prevent the reentry back into your space.  We do this with safe and humane methods.  As we like to say "We always try to reunite mothers and babies."  And this is true.  We make every effort to return the animals to their natural environment where they can grow and thrive. 

Let us evaluate your home, humanely evict the wildlife, exclude the wildlife, and make your home or business safe and healthy for your family. 

In Nothern Virginia, Southern Maryland, Washington DC, and Florida the humane wildlife control specialists are Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, LLC.  We use only humane and state of the art methods to evict wildlife from your home.  Call now to find out more about our services.  

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We work with the following species:

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Squirrels  Foxes

All About Humane Animal Control Services is a great way to learn about humane eviction of wildlife from residents and businesses. 

Why Choose Us?

Environmentally safe and responsible

Members of the Wildlife Rescue League

Our eviction techniques are cutting-edge and ONLY humane

We offer full service from eviction to proofing and disinfecting

We have strict health and safety standards

We are wildlife conservationist and are committed to preserving wildlife

We offer services 6 days a week for our customer's convenience

We have wildlife removal permits for Virginia and Maryland

We are insured

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards

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Animal and Wildlife Services
Raccoon in Attic eviction
Squirrel in Attic eviction
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Birds in Attic eviction
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Raccoon in crawl space eviction
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