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Wildlife Damage and Information

Wildlife living in your home or business can cause extensive damage and health concerns.  Homeowners and business owners might experience some of the following damages:

  • Entry holes created by the wildlife can cause mold and water damage
  • Electrical wires gnawed by the wildlife can ignite fires
  • Urine and feces damaged insulation can create expensive heating and cooling costs
  • Health concerns can be created by diseases carried in feces
  • Tears in the roof
  • Stained celings from urine and feces
  • Strong odors from urine and feces

Valuable Wildlife Information

  • Studies show that when wildlife is relocated to a place unfamiliar to them they typically perish.
  • Most people do not realize that when wildlife is removed from their houses, businesses, or their land, by a wildlife control officer, it is destroyed.  It is unlawful to remove wildlife and relocate it.  These laws prevent diseases from being spread from one area to another. 
  • If an animal is removed from a house, business, or land, it won't take long for another animal to move into that space since from the wildlife's perspective, the space is now available.
  • The best solution for addressing wildlife conflicts long-term is prevention using exclusion techniques.  
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Animal and Wildlife Services
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